Visual Notetaking for Educators, Part 1

  • RogueMark Studios 2101 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States

About This Class

Visual Notetaking for Educators (Part 1) is a two hour introduction to the world of visual notetaking and visual communication for educators of all subjects and grade levels. Whether you teach third graders, high schoolers or PhD students, you’ll learn valuable tips for improving your students (as well as your own) notetaking methodologies. In Part 1 of this two part workshop, we’ll put you into the role of the learner and delve into your process of taking notes. After a few weeks of your own practice and study, come back for Part 2 where we’ll discuss strategies for teaching and incorporating visual notetaking in your classroom.


The truth is, most students are not taught to take notes, and those who are, are usually not taught effectively. Conventional note-taking has taught our students how to be excellent transcribers and typers, but for most learners, linear, bulleted notetaking does not enhance the way they process, retain and think creatively about the information they engage with in the classroom.

Visual note-taking is an excellent alternative! It helps students stay engaged, improve their active listening skills, create meaningful, unique connections between ideas and retain more information than conventional notetaking allows. Fear not! You do not need to know how to draw to find this class helpful. If you can draw a square... even a really bad square... you’re more than qualified.


  • Gain a basic understanding of the difference between conventional notetaking and visual notetaking

  • Better understand your unique thought processes and notetaking needs as well as those of your students

  • Practice basic drawing exercises and improve your visual vocabulary

  • Learn valuable tools to practice and improve your visual notetaking

  • Learn how visual notetaking can help you tell better stories and more clearly communicate your ideas


Prereqs & Preparation

- Register beforehand -- please note the grade level you teach and the subject

- Please bring something to write with and something to write on.

- Class starts on Berkeley time-- 6:40 sharp. Please be here on time.



- $20

About the Instructor

Abby VanMuijenLecturer,

UC Berkeley

Abby VanMuijen is a graphic recorder, illustrated video producer and instructor of Visual Note-taking in the Bay Area. She has taught classes on Visual Note-taking, Communication and Design at UC Berkeley and IDEO, Chicago. She is the illustrator for the #GlobalPOV Project with Professor Ananya Roy and has since produced illustrated videos and graphic recordings for UC Berkeley, MIT, Google, USAID, the Wal-Mart Foundation and a number of documentary films.