Breaking Fear!

  • RogueMark Studios 2101 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States

Have you ever been afraid of making art? Have you ever bought a brand new sketchbook or journal, and thought you were going to ruin it with the first mark of your pen? In this 2 hour workshop, we will flood your blank pages with color and creativity...and free you from artistic fear! Through a series of individual and group drawing exercises, this class will give anyone the confidence to create and express yourself visually.

DISCLAIMER: This class welcomes all skill levels! Even for those who think they “can’t even draw stick figures” might surprise yourself after taking this workshop!


  • Discover new ways of approaching art making.

  • Free yourself from the fear of “failing”.

  • Open up your creative brain.

  • Learn valuable tools to improve your drawings skills.

  • Collaborate with others to make something delightfully unexpected.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Please bring something to write with and something to write on.

  • Class starts on Berkeley time-- 6:40 sharp. Please be here on time.

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About the Instructor

Eliza Reisfeld is an illustrator and designer who loves visual story telling and character design.  Her playful work is inspired by her passion for animals, nature, and the human connection.  She captures charming personalities with a wide variety of mediums including paint, ink, clay, and digital media. After graduating from RISD with a BFA in Illustration, Eliza now resides in the Bay Area, where she designs and illustrates books, toys, and concept art for animation. Currently she is the Art Director at RogueMark Studios, which just happens to be her dream job.

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