Breaking Loose in Character Design: Using Experimental Mediums to Bust Out of Clichés

  • RogueMark Studios 2101 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States
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About the class:

Join us for a fun night of creating fun, silly and wild characters. Don’t know how to draw? Pssshhh….who cares?! Want to create dynamic looking characters but they keep looking flat, stereotypical and derivative? No worries! In this workshop we’ll experiment with some new mediums and techniques to approach character design in the warm and inviting space of RogueMark Studios! All ages and artistic levels welcome.

Supplies provided, but you are welcome to bring any additional art materials.


  • Understanding of what is character design?
  • Basic Shape Language and research techniques
  • Unique & creative approaches to energize your designs
  • Your own in-class creations!


  • Bring a sketchbook for note taking
  • Be prepared to have fun & get messy!
  • You do NOT need to know "how to draw"

About the Instructor:

Alishea Gibson is an art making, coffee drinking and cartoon loving artist who works in the entertainment industry by day and designs children’s books by night. Past studios include Athena Studios, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks/PDI, Wild Canary, Disney Jr., BearBoat Studios, and SquishyBot.

You can find her work most frequently via Instagram @alisheagibson