Graphic recordings are real-time visual notes.


At your event, we illustrate and connect the "Big Ideas." Our graphic recordings are a powerful way to communicate your message and captivate your audience. 

Graphic recordings make your event memorable. They're a must-have for your next  panel, conference, lecture, keynote, retreat, or brainstorm session.  

And the cherry on top? Your attendees will love it. 


Contact us to schedule a graphic recording for your  next event! 

Graphic Recording Visual Notes

The Process

BEFORE the event, we work with you to understand your agenda, get a clear vision of your goals and hammer out the logistics--color schemes, pricing, board sizes, timing, etc. 


DURING the event, we illustrate and connect the "Big Ideas" in real-time as your speakers present. Once they're done, the boards are ready to display. Trust us, your audience will love them. 


AFTER the event, you keep the original illustrations and we'll send you digital copies of each board within 24 hours. You can use them as thank-you cards, office art, social media posts--the possibilities are endless. 

Graphic recordings are the best way to increase audience engagement during and after your event. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right?