Roguemark Studios is an illustrated-video production and animation studio out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

 When Abby Van Muijen founded RogueMark Studios in 2015, it was a cramped operation out of her bedroom.    

RogueMark since grown into a full-fledged team of graphic recorders, illustrators, writers, and animators. Our clients include companies big and small, nonprofits, universities, filmmakers, musicians, and more.

On any given day, we're drinking coffee, storyboarding, illustrating, editing, or petting a puppy. Come by the studio and see for yourself!

abby vanmuijen


Born and raised in Danville, California, Abby is the founder of Roguemark Studios. She first learned to draw at the University of California-Berkeley, where she astounded students and professors alike with her visual notes. If she were to be any tree, she would be a birch tree. That way, she would enjoy drawing self-portraits more.



Born and raised in Burlingame, California, Eliza studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. She once befriended a cuddly two-toed sloth named Melaza. Eliza’s favorite villain is the stylish Yzma from “The Emperor’s New Groove.” Why? Because Yzma knows what she wants.



Born and raised in Alameda, California, Marisa studied geography at the University of California-Berkeley. If prompted, she can rattle off the history of Spam. Of all things hilarious and strange, her favorite is dog costumes, particularly those worn by Corgis and other short-legged pups.

Mia Greenwald 


Born in Michigan and raised in Massachusetts/ Mexico/ Utah, Mia attended Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Art, where she studied International Literary and Visual Studies and Printmaking. She knows more about apple pie than the average adult (go ahead, ask her). In an alternate life, she would be a botanist. She likes plants.

Beth Kaylor 


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Beth attended the University of Oregon, where she studied comparative literature and creative writing. Like her cat, she is unusually adept at catching flies. Her spirit-shoe is a Dansko--sturdy, dependable, and questionably business casual.



Born and raised in Fresno, California, Anne graduated from Stanford University and will be attending the University of Iowa’s medical school this fall. As any proper doctor should, she can wiggle her ears on command. Her guilty pleasure? Eating Japanese peanut-cracker mix and drinking kombucha while drawing at Roguemark.

Riley self portrait.jpg

Riley Van Muijen


Riley is the newest member of the RogueMark family. His workday consists of napping, pats, and chewing on socks. Riley inspires the team on a regular basis with his puppy joy.  Also, his little snores.