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RogueMark at the Alt Summit Conference

It was really incredible to see a whole giant conference full of women who are doing their own thing.
— Abby Van Muijen

Last week, Abby, Marisa, and Eliza hit the road to present our short film, “The Mountain of Should,” at the Alt Summit Conference. Hosted in Palm Springs, the conference is an annual gathering of female entrepreneurs, artists, and designers who swap ideas, create connections, and teach community workshops.

Needless to say, they had a blast! Here are some quick-hits from their experience:

What surprised you the most about the festival?

Abby: Something that was really surprising to me was that it was almost entirely businesses of 1 or 2. There was a lot of people working for themselves--doing the creative stuff and running their own businesses. Most other conferences I’ve gone to are companies or bigger groups of people. So this was really incredible to see a whole giant conference full of women who are doing their own thing.

How did people react to “The Mountain of Should”?

Marisa: We had really great reactions to the screening. We ended up having a smaller session but it was kinda nice because it made it feel really intimate. The content of “The Mountain of Should,” particularly for creative people, is something that can be emotional. We actually had people in the audience tearing up! A lot of people go through similar [creative] struggles, even if the things they’re creating are totally different.

What were some of your takeaways from the conference?

Eliza: I really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. What I found so inspiring was seeing all these small business owners who were women of all different ages. I was blown away by seeing different paths and how people carve out their own way and find their own creative lifestyle that they can use as a way of making a living.

In addition to “The Mountain of Should” screening, you led a stop-motion class. How was that?

Marisa: People really enjoyed the class. We were a bit limited with our space--for this one, we did more of a presentation and a live demo. There were so many “Oohs!” and “Ahhs!” in the audience because people could actually see that stop-motion was a little more accessible than they’d thought.

How did RogueMark fit into the Alt Summit “scene”?

Abby: RogueMark fit in great! It was really cool to get to talk a little bit about RogueMark and the culture and the environment we’re creating that’s an all-female team. A lot of those women [at the conference] are working independently or on a much smaller scale. It was kinda cool to feel like, “Oh, we’re the big company here!”

What was your favorite aspect of the desert?

Eliza: The colors. I was blown away. Purples and yellows and peachy-creams and orange, and the blue sky. It was very inspiring as an artist. We were all like, “We have to paint this!” The landscape was phenomenal--it almost felt like we were on another planet.

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