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Why RogueMark?
We’re not just artists—we’re professional learners. We pride ourselves on our ability to synthesize and visualize interdisciplinary connections between ideas and systems.

Beyond that, we’re professional, thoughtful, and quick on our feet. We go the extra mile to make sure we’ve captured your content accurately and creatively, and we strive to make your job as easy (and fun!) as possible.

How much do visual notes cost?
The pricing for your event package depends on the following factors, which we’ll discuss during our initial phone call:

  • Type of visual notes: traditional (on paper/foam core boards) vs. digital (on a tablet) vs. engagement wall

  • Length of the event: we offer half-day and full-day options

  • Location of event and travel time

  • Additional design work for pre-event promotion and post-event summaries

Is travel included in the price?
If the event is within 1 hour driving/transit distance from our home studio in Berkeley, CA, there are no travel fees. For events with longer travel time, we apply standard travel costs to cover lodging and airfare. That said, we do travel nationally and internationally for events.

What types of events are visual notes helpful for?
Visual notes are a great addition to ANY event! We work at conferences, lectures, strategy sessions, offsites and retreats, panel events, bring-your-family to work days, trade-shows, and more. All events benefit from real-time information visualization.

What’s the difference between digital and traditional visual notes?
In general, we recommend digital visual notes because they allow for more flexibility and efficiency in the creation process, meaning we can synthesize complex content more quickly. When possible, we project the live illustration onto the big-screen for the audience to watch.

However, traditional visual notes are a great way to capture the energy of small groups, like offsite retreats or strategy sessions. As a bonus, you can hang traditional boards throughout your office to inspire ongoing conversation and engagement with your content.

If you’re looking for a larger-scale visual experience, we also create engagement walls and murals.

What’s an engagement wall?
An engagement wall is a large interactive mural. You provide prompts for the attendees to answer, and we then illustrate and synthesize their responses on the wall itself. Whether they’re taking selfies or waving a friend over to participate, your attendees will love seeing their thoughts illustrated in real-time.

What can I expect before, during, and after my event?
Before your event, we’ll hop on a phone call to run through:

  • Your event’s agenda and content

  • Day of Logistics (arrival time, where we’ll be positioned in the room, etc.)

  • The style of your visual notes: do you have a specific color palette in mind? Are there any logos we should include on the boards?

On the day of your event, we’ll show up ready to go:

  • We arrive at least an hour before the event time to set up.

  • We bring all of our own materials and AV hookup equipment.

  • We set up our work station and any areas where visual notes will be displayed.

  • We engage with attendees to explain what visual notes are and encourage them to take and share photos.

  • We create excellent work that will WOW you and everyone at your event. We promise.

After your event:

  • You’ll take any traditional visual notes home with you (we’ll provide a quote if you need us to ship them for you).

  • We’ll deliver organized digital copies within 48 hours.

  • We’ll schedule a debrief call to go over how the event went and any lessons learned for the next time.

What is the value of visual notes as a sponsorship option?
The most valuable aspect of visual notes as a sponsorship package is the high visibility during and after the event. Each board will include your branding, logo, and color palette for the whole audience to see, and each follow-up digital asset will have your branding, as well.

Who are some of your previous clients? Which industries do you work in?
We’ve worked events in marketing, healthcare, medical devices, tech, cybersecurity, leadership, HR, mobility, global health, government policy, housing, architecture, law.just to name a few.

Here’s a small smattering of our clients: Salesforce, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, Google, Stanford University, LinkedIn, Lyft, Facebook, Uber, and Lyft. We also work closely with different event planning agencies and event venues.