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How to get the most out of graphic recording

Graphic recordings are large-scale visual notes. They’re a powerful tool for communicating your content to your audience.  Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of graphic recording or a seasoned veteran, here are some tips & tricks from the RogueMark team on how to get the most out of a graphic recording at your next event! 

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Before your event, post “sneak peek” images of graphic recordings on social media.

There’s no doubt about it--graphic recordings are attention grabbing. To get your audience excited for the event, post “teaser” images of graphic recordings on social media. Use them to highlight the speakers, keynotes, and whatever else makes your event unique.

Put an “Engagement Mural” in  the lobby at  your event.

Engagement Murals are large-scale interactive boards that ask your audience a question-- throughout the event, our graphic recorders illustrate their responses on the mural. Encourage your attendees to visit the board or tweet their answers as the event progresses. By the end, the board serves as an eye-catching creative piece that provides a great pulse on how the attendees reacted to the content of your event.

Raffle off a graphic recording board.

People looove prizes. Lucky for you, visual notes are a hot commodity. Put that excitement to good use (and keep folks around until the very end of your event) by raffling off  graphic recordings  during the post-event reception or closing remarks.

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Post a  time-lapse video of the graphic recording. 

We create time-lapse videos to capture the energy of your event and show the process of how the graphic recording boards are made. Because they’re quick and digestible, time lapse videos make for popular (and shareable) Facebook and Instagram posts!

Display the graphic recording boards in highly-trafficked areas.

During coffee breaks, attendees clamor to see the graphic recordings up close. They chat with the artists, take pictures, and post selfies to social media. Most importantly, they lean in to get a better look at the visual notes, which means they're reviewing your content. Audience engagement + memory retention--two birds, one stone!

Hang up a graphic recording in the office.

Graphic recording boards make great office art. They’re good conversation pieces, too.

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Send out “visual minutes” to attendees and colleagues.

We make digital copies of all of our graphic recordings that you can send out as a physical or digital event summary. These “booklets” are a great tool to keep your content top-of-mind  after  your event. Present the visual notes to your team, share them with folks who weren’t able to attend the event or display them around the office.

Include your event’s graphic recordings in newsletters, year-in-reviews, follow-up meetings, social media etc.

To beef up your presentations and impress your colleagues, add details from the graphic recordings to slide decks and other visual content. Graphic recordings are more than just eye-candy--they provide detailed summaries specific to your content and event.

Use the graphic recording as a “Thank-You” gift.

Graphic recordings are easy and thoughtful thank-you gifts, both for speakers and attendees. Slap that puppy on a magnet, sticker, card or follow-up email. Side bonus: graphic recordings help folks retain information and interest in your event. Win-win. 

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What other ideas do you have on how to use graphic recordings at events? What has and hasn’t worked at your past events? We’re always hungry for new tips!